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Posted January 24th, 2012 by admin with No Comments

Happy (belated) New Year! We had a brilliant first Christmas in the salon! Lovely clients with lovely “do’s”. Plenty off festive goodies to consume (Kate). And even a fabulous “pop up” shop in the attic!
“Delights” was a great success. Well done to all the local artists involved! We certainly had a lot of extra bodies going up and down those stairs! We definitely gave the Trafford centre a run for their money!
So the decorations are down. We had a little help from a cheeky Christmas toerag who took a shine to our potted Christmas tree window box. I have deducted that said toerag must also be guilty of repeatedly chomping our Christmas chocolates…………there can’t be any other explanation (can there? Kate?)
Now that the busy Christmas period is over, training has resumed!
We’re now 3 one length trims and one sliced and spliced gown down! (oops! That’ll be coming out of my wages!).
Maybe I can ask the client who brought masking tape in last week to lend me a bit! (it’s a salon first to be asked to be taped into your gown to prevent wandering hairs!)
When discussing my training, and all I have yet to learn (eek! It seems ALOT!). Discussions led to…….PERMS!!! It seems that ladies of my generation have had many an experience!
I have some fabulously hideous photos of my “shaggy” mess (circa 1988/89). With grown out, home “streaked” frazzled ends (ouch! I can still feel my mother stabbing holes in that plastic cap); I was 20 years ahead of my time with the dipped ends! The diarrhoea coloured “Deirdre Barlow” glasses just topped it off! At the time I thought I looked HOT!…….I was single for very many years.
Kate was far too cool for a perm. She spent a whole year in the 70s wearing a brown curly wig that she never washed…..and she still looked gorgeous!

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