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Hello again! We have lots of exciting events to tell you about!

First of all, is the arrival of our new apprentice, Flora.

Flora joined our team 2 weeks ago. She’s fitted in perfectly and successfully passed her Zeitgeist Hair induction; Flora is now fully up to speed on Debbie’s hot chocolate “habit”, Jane’s NEED to eat lunch before 10.45am and most importantly, Kate’s adamance that the Zeitgeist image is not tarnished in any way.

This means no Will Young or Michael Buble on the very cool playlists, and a very strict dress code;
No visible knicker lines,
No whopping cleavages to distract the gents, trying to relax whilst Amy wields a cut throat razor,
No hippy attire,
No stilletos worn with jeans………… The list goes on and on (And this was compiled by the lady (Kate) who replaced my emergency Zeitgeist cardigan, with a very blingtastic cardi, emblazoned with a sequinned carousel!).

Fortunately, Flora is very stylish. Far more so than I was at age 16, with my 1970’s flares wrapped round my legs and disguised in home knitted 80’s legwarmers………. : /

This week Flora and I are looking forward to a 2 day colour course. And teaching us will be a colour technician who’s expertise has enabled her to travel the world, as well as contribute to myhairdressers.com!

She’s the hairdresser’s equivelent to Bradley Wiggins (minus the sideburns and lycra… or maybe a little lycra).

We have 7 models lined up and I’ve bought myself some proper, special colour combs (who could have imagined the amount of speciality combs available! (Mind you, when I was decked out in my flares and legwarmers, I used an afro comb to fluff up my spiral perm……. I can’t say I’ve seen one of those in anybody’s kitbag….)

If anybody is interested in following the progress of Flora and I, we now have a Zeitgeist Hair Training School page on Facebook. If you “like” us, you can check out photos of our progress. https://www.facebook.com/ZeitgeistHairTrainingSchool

Also to look forward to; We shall soon be adding Indian head massage to our list of services! Alistair Bishop is a professionally qualified and insured masseur and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and will be joining us on 25th August. The cost of the massage is just £10 and the session lasts 15 minutes.

Developed from ancient family grooming rituals in India, it adds movementto the neck and shoulders, eases tension and releases endorphins. It also increases circulation to the scalp. Doesn’t that sound fab! The perfect accompaniment to a haircut! (It could prove a godsend on a tuesday morning for the Zeitgeist “fat club” members. Especially if we are having “issues” with the scales. 1/2 a pound gained can herald stompy feet, growls and grimaces and eventually……comfort eating! Bring on those endorphins I say!

Finally, we are extremely happy to have been asked back to the Hebden Bridge WI. This time, the topic will be face shape and hair suitibility.

What Naomi has to say.. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Crikey! What a hooter! I think I’ll have a nose job!”. NO NEED! With a fantastic, cleverly cut hair do, your nose is instantly minimised! Likewise with those troublesome square jaws or wide foreheads…….you need never go under the knife again/ever!

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