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Christmas 2013

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Zeitgeist are delighted to once again welcome the following Artists into our Attics ‘Pop up Shop’

Christmas 2013!

We’re very excited to announce that there’s going to be a pop up in Zeitgeist Hair Salon this weekend!
For three days only, Jane Revitt, Louise Lockhart, Lizzie Lockhart and friends are creating a Christmas gift shop. A delightful, eclectic mix of paintings, prints, cushions, decorations and carefully chosen objects will be for sale, such as…..
The Printed Peanut‘s Pass the Parcel is a beautiful version of a traditional party game made entirely from paper. Instant after dinner entertainment for all ages that will make you howl with laughter!
Jane Revitt‘s map cushions which are printed with details of vintage Ordnance Survey maps. They are made from linen and filled with a feather cushion.
Lizzie Lockhart’s beautifully knitted children’s cardigans and hats. Adult bobble hats are available too!

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