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Posted December 3rd, 2015 by admin

Ok, so having read Zeitgeist Hair’s previous blog, detailing the amazing 7 Deadly Sins photo shoot, you could be forgiven for thinking that the team had sat back on their laurels, and just concentrated on the day to day business of creating beautiful and bespoke cuts and colours.
Ah! But no! Their creative antennae are constantly twitching and searching and absorbing and translating…
This Autumn the team travelled to London to see the Sassoon and Mahogany shows, and the ultra cool and gritty hairdressing event “Noise”.
IMG_1202This electrifying, underground hair show is a perfect fusion of art and hair. I was enthralled and astounded by the video footage. So, so cool! To be there must have been just breath taking!
The footage of the beautiful older model with strategically draped ropes and Marie Antoinette style hair; made me imagine Kate, sat on reception, “emanating the look”. Except really she’s accidently on purpose lassoed and tied herself to the salon sofa, right next to the kettle and the red bush tea!
The Sasoon AW15 “Androgyne” collection; where genders and identities blend. By all accounts, the show was predictably awe inspiring and resulted in stylists who were bursting with ideas!
They all assembled in the salon the following week, desperate to play around with all the new techniques and styles that were showcased. And so, just for fun, they captured their results on camera. The stunning portraits were shot by the gifted Justin Garner and make up was applied by Hebden Bridge’s Tilly Howarth.
Kaye took inspiration from the Androgyne collection and created her own unique version, tailored to suit her model. Becky then enhanced the look with a beautiful colour that melted through the front of the hair and complimented the whole look.Unknown-1
Isabelle was clearly greatly inspired and motivated by the show, judging by the pictures from her very first photo shoot. She is quite clearly going to be a name to look out for in the future.
By the way, a little birdy tells me the team were not only inspired by theUnknown-2 London shows. They have all been watching “This is England” on the telly. Elements of edgy 90’s fashion have most definitely been considered in this photoshoot! Thank God they’ve not been watching re-runs of Dallas!
Outside of the salon, Debbie was involved with another photo shoot.
She collaborated with Chrissie King (Hat Therapy), Shelley (Toast of Leeds) and Rachel John at the wonderful Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. The talented ladies were promoting the gallery as a venue for events such as weddings.Xie2QJZwbI08yAZgf5CPP3YWq2E80taY6S4YCbpGdD8,s-3KC_oBExbGTgpUIyJS8mD08rxrMSyzSJpDQvua9PM,AQlYVpU6Tee6UXwyeN_IauYMn2kwWMuh4YVbNCnPK6s db2mesF9dlgwMnqqdTJkoTnwZOo2MBLywKDbP0rEZxs,qUU3XrgnkRmkIDX2vKs_4Pga22ZUI8KsDGcimdkviXU
What a backdrop! And they had the gallery all to themselves! Never mind the models, I imagine a few selfies were snapped in front of many of the exhibits! Wow!
And speaking of art. The salon now boasts 2 original Louise Lockhart illustrations! Next time you’re sat IMG_1114 luxuriating at a backwash, having your tresses pampered; look over your shoulder to the window and you’ll notice the new frosted vinyl windows. What a coup!
Just prior to informing you of some general salon housekeeping, the team would like to thank everybody who supported Karen’s Macmillan coffee and cake morning. Not only did you enjoy eating cake, the salon managed to raise £91.38 Eat cake for charity? It’s a tough job, but go on then!
A few timetable alterations for you;
Firstly, Kellie shall be working an extra day each week, either Tuesday or Wednesday, alongside her usual Sundays.
Also, as the festive season is just around the corner, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the salon will be opening on the monday of christmas week and Amy, Karen and Becky will be working. I can’t emphasise enough how speedy you need to be to secure an appointment though as there are only a few left already.
And if you’re stuck for gift ideas, then don’t forget that gift vouchers are available in the salon.
What better gift than learning you shall be enjoying the lovely experience of an hour or two in the salon; a cut, colour, shave or treatment. A lovely, feel good memory to last!
Alternatively, if you’re thinking of yourselves,,,,,then, people! Start dropping some proper heavy hints!
Lets be assertive! we don’t want to unwrap a pongy old soap on a rope, or a 3 for 2 deodrant/talcum powder gift set. We want quality and luxury! Bumble and Bumble all the way! Beautiful products and all gift wrapped in the salon, should you wish.
Bumble have even come up with a fantastic new product. You could make somebody’s christmas!
Poor old “comb over man” has probably missed the boat, however, Bb Full Potential really does work. The full range consists of shampoo, conditioner and spray. When used together as a regime, Full Potential leaves hair feeling and looking fuller and stronger…perfect should the team actually decide to revisit those Dallas reruns!

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