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A Piece of Cake!

Posted September 26th, 2017 by admin

Well it seems we need to wave a big goodbye to summer and wave a fingerless gloved hello to Autumn. I for one am happy to see the arrival of this new season as I feel I have the figure for a chunky knit and a sensible shoe, rather than a strappy vest and a peep toe sandal! I have been particularly enjoying the Autumnal clear, blue skies viewed from our recently, beautifully sanded reception desk (courtesy of Emma our decorator).


Another reason to celebrate the arrival of Autumn, is the opportunity to become part of Macmillans world’s biggest coffee morning. We will be hosting this event from 29 September to 1 October in the salon. If you already have an appointment with us, for a small donation, you can enjoy a delicious slice of homemade cake (not only are they brilliant stylists and colourists, they can bake as well, where will their talents end!). If you are passing by and want to support this worthwhile cause, pop in anyway, we would love to see you and who could resist Karen’s luscious lemon drizzle or Amy’s legendary honey cake and there has also been talk of a vegan cheesecake. So, if you can spare some time our door is always open, metaphorically speaking, as it may be getting a bit chilly for such luxuries now!

My baking skills will also be challenged further as Debbie has asked me to bake some pumpkin based cakes as part of the ‘Great Pumpkin Festival’ which will be taking place from the 24 – 31 October in Hebden Bridge (the first one in England is being hosted in our fabulous town.) Myself, Kaye, Sam and Meredith will all be taking part in a pumpkin carving workshop, so that we can adorn our salon window with some masterpieces! Shops around the town will be displaying their pumpkin creations and there will be a pumpkin trail available to take you around participating shops. On 29 October there will be a big pumpkin finale, with a parade, live music, dance performances, ghost walk, stalls and a live pumpkin carve throughout the day. Doesn’t it all sound fabulous? http://www.sandinyoureye.co.uk/pumpkin-carving


In salon news, Sam (stylist) has started to work a longer day on aThursday and Becky (colourist) is working at least one Thursday a month. We hope this will give our clients further flexibility when booking an appointment.

In product news bumbleandbumble have launched two new products, ‘save the day’ hair serum and ‘while you sleep’ hair masque. They smell gorgeous and will also look beautiful in your bathroom with their new style floral packaging. ‘Save the day’ is a serum with restorative qualities, which you use immediately after washing to gives you instantly healthy-looking hair. ‘While you sleep’ hair masque can be left on overnight, reversing the appearance of damaged hair and fortifying the hair against further damage. Feel free to pop in anytime to ask us more about these products or we are always happy to discuss any products we use during your appointment time.


Finally, you may not all have come across me as although I have been working in the salon since March, I have only been working a few hours a week until my four boys (yes you read it right!) were all in full time education. Well after 11 years that day has finally come (whoop!) and I will now be working alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays and the occasional Saturdays and Sundays.  When I told my friends where I was working, without exception everyone said what a lovely place it must be to work and do you know what, they were right. I have to remind myself I get paid to do this!  So I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the lovely Debbie (if Carlsberg made employers…) and everybody who works at Zeitgeist for helping me and making me feel so welcome.  Thank you to Meredith for giving her time to train me (although what shoes I have to step into!) Last but not least, thank you to all of the clients, for being patient when I was rather fazed by the computer system, for trying my cakes and being most complimentary, but most of all for your general loveliness; what an interesting bunch you all are!


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