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Posted April 26th, 2022 by admin

Hurray, the signs of Spring are here; the return of daylight savings, cheerful clumps of daffodils  bounding lambs and of course the ducks designed by the primary school children of Hebden Bridge decorating the shop windows, We also find this time of year significant here at Zeitgeist, as this was when we opened 11 years ago!! Thank you so much for helping us be as successful as we are; we would be nothing without you and after the last few years your continued support has been particularly appreciated. Spring  is also personally significant for me as it was in March five years ago, when I dipped my toes back into the world of work after many years of being a stay at home Mum. I knew it would be a different place to work when my first drink request was a white tea to be brewed for exactly two minutes! Over the last five years I have met some brilliant people both the clients who come here and the colleagues I work with (or don’t work with in the case of Beth!). I am lucky to be able to come to work and have such a lovely time with you all.  I have a great job share and although we actually never work together (potentially the secret of a friendship!), we have had weekends away in Liverpool, London, the Yorkshire Dales and Copenhagen and have shared a bottle of wine or two!!

In product news, we have recently had a visit from the people who stock us with our Bumble and bumble products. They have let us know of some exciting product launches and as soon as we have them in the salon, we will let you know. If you ever want information on the products we are using on you or you want some styling product advice, please ask your colourist, stylist or receptionist during your next visit. 

In other product news, Becky has also introduced a new treatment to the Salon called the ‘Sweet Treatment.’ The treatment gives full straightening, volume reduction and frizz elimination. Beth has recently had the ‘Sweet Treatment’  and said  ‘Becky and Kaye thought the sweet treatment would be perfect for my hair. It’s often difficult to manage and can be frizzy at times. The difference has been amazing, my hair is so much smoother and quicker to dry. I’m delighted with the difference. I would highly recommend it.’ If you think this may be something you are interested in please call 01422 844974 and we will book a consultation with Becky for you.

In cooking and baking news, I have been recently expanding my repertoire and would recommend the following for a taste of Spring: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/ultimate-risotto-primaverahttps://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/white-chocolate-mousse-poached-rhubarb https://www.theguardian.com/food/2022/mar/01/nigel-slater-midweek-recipe-leek-and-mushroom-crumble-healthy-nutritious-crunchy

In Salon news, we are pleased to say that Chris is back again after his trip to Thailand. He definitely helps to  make my Tuesday’s more tremendous and has been known to put some fun into a Friday. We now have Jane, Becky, Chris and Simone who are available for colour and would always be happy to speak to you about the latest colour trends or what they think might work for you. We also have a very talented cutting team amongst Debbie, Amy, Mel, Kaye, Jules, Simone and Chris. We have availability for both types of services over the coming weeks, so to secure an appointment,  please call 01422 844974 or book online at www.zeitgeisthair.com.
That’s all for now!
Anne – Reception

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