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Welcome to Frances and Olivia

Posted August 27th, 2022 by admin

The blackberries are plump and ripening, there is morning dew on the grass and a new smell in the air as summer moves into autumn; what a summer it has been though! We have been busy at Zeitgeist, so thank you once again for all your support, it has been lovely to see you all and talk about your summer adventures. Everyone in the salon have been lucky enough to travel again; Amsterdam, Whitstable, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Northumberland, France and Devon, have all been explored. We do hope you all have had a lovely summer too, whether you have spent it at home or abroad.

As summer moves to Autumn, we can expect some new hair trends and there are six key cuts.

1. Jodie Cromer looks amazing with the midi flick which gives life and body to fine to medium hair textures. As an aside to this if you get the chance to see ‘Prima Facie’ with Jodie Comer, do, it’s amazing!

2. The frame cut is also another Autumn trend, creating an irregular fringe, framing the face and looks particularly great with natural waves.

3. The Flipped fringe, which is a side parting flipped over fringe, creates glamour and highlights super healthy hair.

4. The Blunt Botticelli bob is a shorter, sharper version of the super long ruffled waves which we saw in the summer.

5. The Curtain cut which is a is a chic and minimal long bob. 

6. The Wet- look Elvis, gives a sleek, high gloss finish for shorter hair.

The Autumn colour trends are bold and reflect some of the seasonal colours; we can expect burgundy, crimson, emerald, cobalt blue and lilac.

So, if you would like to follow the Autumn hair trends or just ready for a re-style or an update of your current cut and colour, we have some very exciting salon news. We are delighted to announce that our team is expanding and at the end of September we will be welcoming Frances and Olivia who were formerly at Circle of Friends. Frances charges £60 for a cut and finish and Olivia will be charging £45 for this service; they both allow 1.5 hrs for each client.

Welcome to Olivia, who will be joining the Zeitgeist Team on 20th September 🎉
Olivia will be working on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays and Sundays ❤️

Jules will be introducing a slight price increase for her services from September and will also be charging £45 for a cut and finish. If you would like to book an appointment with Frances, Olivia, Jules or anyone else from our talented team, please call 01422 844974 and Beth and I will be delighted to help you.

In product news, Bumble and bumble have launched a new Thickening Plumping Mask. This in- shower treatment is suitable for all hair types and aims to hydrate instantly. It expands each hair strand for full-on, all-day volume. You can purchase the mask in the Salon or ask your stylist about it when you are next with us.

In terms of foodie treats, I have been cooking with fruits and vegetables that share the shades of the Autumn colour trends. Plums are at their best at the moment and you can get some gorgeous, coloured beetroots, that look beautiful in salads.


If you don’t have all the ingredients available for the beetroot and rhubarb salad or want to make it vegan, you can substitute the pomegranate molasses for balsamic vinegar, the allspice for cinnamon and the blue cheese for feta or vegan feta.

If you are still to go on holiday and would like a good read, I would recommend ‘Annie Stanley all at sea’ by Sue Teddern. Sitting by the sea in Whitstable, reading this gave me pockets of joy. It can be bought at The Book Case in Hebden Bridge.

And finally….as someone who has just experienced my first child getting exams results, I loved the following two quotes;

“Exams and results are temporary but education is permanent.” 

“Your exam results do not define you as a person or predict your future”

That’s all for now!

Anne – Reception

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