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A interview with Anne, as she moves on to pastures new

Posted January 28th, 2024 by admin

What is your earliest recollection of Zeitgeist Hair, whether it be through joining, visiting, or hearing about it for the first time?

I remember getting a call from Jane, who I had been going to at Circle of Friends, to say she was moving to Zeitgeist… and as I loved getting my hair coloured by her I started coming here! 

Tell us about how you came to work at the salon…

I used to look at Kate (the original receptionist) and think how cool she looked and what a great job it must be (and how I would love to have her job)! When she left, Debbie approached me and asked how I would feel taking on a few hours at the salon. I had been a stay-at-home Mum for ten years and had been wondering how on earth I was going to get back into work and who would have me! So it couldn’t have come at a better time (thank you Debbie).

Reflecting on your time at Zeitgeist, could you share some of your most cherished memories or moments?

I have been at Zeitgeist almost eight years now and I think my most cherished memories are the fun and laughter I have had with the clients and also my colleagues. I have always felt I could be very much me here and my sense of humour on the whole seems to have been appreciated! I have met some really interesting people and you have all been such a great bunch to chat too.

After being the friendly face of Zeitgeist for several years, you’re officially moving on to a new adventure! Tell us about what’s on the horizon and where clients and friends can continue to connect with you?

I have actually  have two other jobs alongside Zeitgeist! And I feel now is the moment to give myself time to think about what the next ten years of my working life might look like. This may mean re-training or just giving myself the opportunity to have the space to see what is out there and working out what it is that I want to do. So if you know of any opportunities that would be perfect for a multi-tasking, people- person who can make a cracking cake, let me know!

Can you sum up your overall Zeitgeist experience using just three words?

Multi-tasking, stair climbing, relationship building  (sorry I cheated not quite three words).

Close enough! Can you reveal a hidden haircare tip, a secret hack, or a favourite trick that you’ve learnt during your time at Zeitgeist?

I have often felt that I haven’t always been the best face of Zeitgeist as my haircare routine is extremely limited (I wash and conditioner it and comb it!) However, I find having the best stylist and colourists and using bumble and bumble’s seaweed air dry cream, allows me to get away with it!

Well that certainly sounds like a VERY Zeitgeist-like approach to me! On the flip side, managing the bustling salon environment must also come with its own set of tricks. What secret hacks, tips, or receptionist tricks have you mastered to navigate the busy salon setting?

I think you always have to appear calm (even if you are doing an amazing impression of a swan), acknowledge the client as soon as they arrive, prioritise your tasks each day, ask questions if you are unsure,  apologise when you make an error (we are all human) and understand that sometimes people may be having a bad day and you get the brunt of this but it isn’t personal.

As we enter further into 2024, what are your goals/ and hopes for the upcoming year?

I hope to find ‘my thing’, make the perfect eclair, survive two of my children doing GCSE’s and A’Levels and find some equilibrium in my life. I also wish the very best to all the clients and my colleagues at Zeitgeist for 2024.

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