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Traditional hot towel shaving

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Wet Shaving at Zeitgeist


Zeitgeist in one of just a few salons outside London to offer classic gentlemen’s wet shaves.

Traditional barbering is in art form that is enjoying a resurgence as men rediscover the pleasure and unparalleled results of an expert hot towel shave.

And at Zeitgeist our male grooming specialist Amy Carver has cleverly honed the traditional process into a truly luxurious experience for the modern man.

Using only the finest products, your face will be wrapped in soothing hot towels, lathered and then shaved using traditional techniques.

When the shave itself is complete, your face will be carefully and soothingly moisturised and massaged – a process that will leave your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and refreshed.

The experience of a wet shave is not only hugely enjoyable but yields far superior results than the razor you use at home.

It also helps reduce some of the common problems men experience after shaving themselves, such as razor burn and other skin irritations such as bloodspots, redness and ingrown hairs.

As part of your grooming, Amy can offer advice on how to achieve better shaving results at home and the products she uses are all available to purchase in salon.

Your wet shave will take approximately 45 minutes, or for the ultimate male grooming experience can be combined with a haircut in a longer appointment.

To discuss your requirements in more detail or to make an appointment, call the salon on 01422 844974 or complete our simple online booking form.


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