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Zeitgeist Official Opening

We had our official opening with the new photos from the Town Hall shoot up on the walls. We also had a short film of the shoot running on the iPad go to the following link and have a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw2g0gJnojY Red Tin Dave played hairdressing related tunes in the background. Lots of friends and clients dropped in to see us and wish us well and we celebrated with sparkling wine, nibbles and some very elaborate cup cakes made by Naomi.


Thanks to everyone who came along and to Sarah Mason of Zebra Photography for taking photos of the event and to Hebden Bridge arts Festival for their assistance. The Preeners came to cut the ribbon and mother peahen gave a short speech whist her son the very flashy peacock preened himself and showed off to the crowd.


Arts Festival

Our festival bunting looked fantastic on the railings next door and it lasted more or less intact through to the end of the festival. Some of the crocheted flowers went missing but that was probably a compliment and we expect to see them worn on hats or as brooches in the coming months.

WI Evening













For our evening at the Hebden Bridge WI Naomi created a 1940’s mood board with some great pictures from the era. Debbie gave a demonstration on winding victory curls and then everyone paired up with a friend had a go at curling up each others hair. Some really good styles were created and everyone had a lot of fun.

Above is a photo of Suzi Garlick with her hair rolled up. The photo was taken by Sarah Mason.


After the hair session Chrissie from Hat Therapy came along and talked about 1940’s hats. She brought along a selection of her modern take on these hats and tried them on volunteers who all looked fabulous in them. For those with very short hair Chrissie demonstrated how to tie and wear landgirl scarves.


Summer offers

With the holiday season in full swing now, we are selling lots of our travel size Bumble and bumble hair products. Most of the shampoos and conditioners come in travel size as do lots of the styling products.


For those staying at home, you can still get the ‘just back from the beach’ look with B&b Surf Spray. It gives hair a dry matt finish that looks great on summer evenings.


Everyone loves a bargain

We will be running our offer of a full head of highlights and a cut and finish, on Fridays only, for £100 until the end of August. This is a saving of £31 so well worth taking advantage of.


Back to Uni/School New Look

We will also be introducing a special Back to School/college/university offer for students. A flash of colour for £35 also £10 off a haircut. Watchout for the offer on our Facebook page and be sure to share it with your friends.  If you know of any students who may be interested please pass this on to them.


Look out for our

Autumn Free Consultation Evening with wine and cheese.

Jane will also now be working on alternate Wednesday’s


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