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Hairvest Festival

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Sorry about the heading but its down to my husband, hope you enjoy the rest of the content.

Zeitgeist will be holding a Consultation Evening,
This will be a Free Event on the 5th of October with wine and cheese.
It is for anyone considering coming to the salon for the first time. Whether it’s a restyle or a change of colour, or if you know someone who always feels like a change of style but does not know where to begin, please ask them to call in or contact us on 01422 844974 to make an appointment.

Photoshoot for the Town Hall brochure

Local businesses have got together, Debbie styled the hair for the photo shoot for a brochure to be used to promote the town hall upon its completion.
Sarah Mason had a busy day collecting flowers from Fleur De Lys, wedding jewels from Heart Gallery designed by Amanda Cox, then to make-up artist Joanne Normanton all before I touched a hair on Kat’s head. The results looked fantastic with a gorgeous dress from newly opened shop Makepiece in Hebden Bridge, who will be using a selection of the photo’s for their London Fashion Week show, How exciting!

Student Discount offer
Don’t miss out, its only on
Until the 26th of September
Zeitgeist is offering a Student Discount
Go back to school/uni/college
with a NEW LOOK
£10 off haircut
£35 for a flash of colour

WOULD you grow a moustache for charity?
If so, Hebden Bridge salon Zeitgeist would love to hear from you.
The salon is supporting charity campaign Movember, which will see more than a million men around the world grow a Mo (slang for moustache!) throughout the month of November.
The event raises thousands of pounds each year for men’s health charities such as The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research.
Zeitgeist is looking for ten volunteers to take part in its sponsored Mo Grow event.
Each volunteer will be treated to a luxurious wet-shave treatment on the first day of November and advice on how to grow the perfect ‘tache. They will then return to the salon on the last day of the month to have their Mo styled and photographed (and shaved off if no longer wanted!).
Zeitgeist’s Amy Carver said Movember was a fun way of making money for a great cause.
“The campaign is about raising awareness of some common diseases, particularly male cancers, and with our expertise in men’s grooming we felt we could really help.
“The November moustache is becoming a worldwide symbol and we wanted Hebden Bridge to be part of the action.”
If you would like to take part in the event (of you have a husband, boyfriend, father or brother who would suit a Mo!) please contact Zeitgeist on 01422 844974 or email zeitgeisthair@gmail.com.

Gift Vouchers
We are now offering gift vouchers of any value to use against any service or product.

Our new monthly feature is;

Naomi Notices.
With my 40th birthday (far too) quickly approaching, and with 2 beautiful children and a career in midwifery ticked off:- Time for something new!

Do you remember the scene in the Sound of Music, whereby Mother Superior says to Maria “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window”?
Well Debbie Wilkinson has opened a window!
With a stint at college, and being a keen knitter and general ‘crafty girl’, how satisfying to be able to use the creative side of ‘me’ in my job! (Let’s face it, the only chance to be creative in midwifery were those pre-cesarean shaves!….)
Also after years of cutting my girls’ as well as my own hair (with blunt craft scissors, curved nail scissors/pinking shears/any old scissors) How hard could it be?
How very wrong was I!

This week saw the beginning of my training!

Feeling very excited, also a little daunted, but inspired by my lovely, talented colleagues; I set about learning how to shampoo (properly)
However, my first victim (model) was the very lovely, brave and far too trustworthy Grace. (Who is Debbie’s daughter)
Now initially I thought, How hard can washing hair be? Wet the hair, slap some shampoo on, rub it around and rinse it off! No! it’s far more technical on so many levels!
And then with such a willing (gullible) model, and obviously under Debbie’s very patient and expert eye, came my first one length cut, followed by a few layers!
I have never felt so cack handed in all my born days. I even had to completely change the way I hold a pair of scissors! And believe me, holding a pair of scissors and a comb in one hand and not spearing a client in the bonce is quite a talent.
The hairdryer is heavy, scissors are very sharp (yes, sharp) straighteners are very hot (hot) I’m having to consider physiology, geometry, health and safety (hopefully not first aid) and also try to be ambidextrous, creative, chatty and ………. I don’t even have a tabard yet!

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