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Posted October 26th, 2011 by admin with No Comments

Manchester Picadilly at the crack of dawn on a sunday morning, surrounded by homeward bound clubbers and with individually wrapped egg butties burning a hole in our pockets (thankyou Jane), we set off for Salon International 2011!

Upon arriving at Euston……they were everywhere! Gaggles of them. Some preened and plumed, others not so, nevertheless, there coud be no doubt; HAIRDRESSERS everywhere! And an epiphany for me. No need to replace the old Midwife uniform for a tabard after all. No need for a uniform at all! You don’t need one, you just ARE one!

I wonder what kind of uniform I shall “wear”.

There were the bleached/Cheryl Cole red/backcombed/extended brigade, with orange skin and neon makeup (this does not just apply to the ladies).  There were men, irrespective of age, dressed as young rock stars with an abundance of tattoos and tortoiseshell glasses either being or trying to be “cool”.

Most impressive to me were the stylists stocking up at the Sassoon stand. A different “uniform” entirely!  Beautiful, classic, precision cuts underlying each individual’s style – the Purdey fitted in perfectly!

Salon International itself; A hairdresser’s mecca!  Everything you could possibly need to perfect the perfect coiffure!  (As well as everything you would need to to ensure you look like a Bratz doll!)  From budget busting scissors to the “Vegas” animal print hairdressers trolley! And it all culminated in an extremely inspiring live show from the Sassoon Academy.  The launch of Tribe 111.  An awe inspiring reminder of why I’m so excited and proud to be entering a new profession at nearly 40 (instead of buying beige elasticated slacks and settling down to a mug of Ovaltine and a People’s Friend magazine…. Yet again, Thankyou Debbie!)





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