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Posted October 6th, 2011 by admin with No Comments

Well my blowdrying training is well underway, and so far so good! I’m finding it a bit tricky keeping up with conversations over the noise of the hairdryer but it’s well worth the effort! ( I feel like a Priest in confession….Oooh the gossip!) Thankyou lovely models! And how educational!? One client told me that people with low hairlines are “thick”. (She was referring to her own hairline at the time, and so at this point in my training, I’m not quite sure how to treat this information!).
Something we’re particularly excited about in the salon at the moment is Movember! I’m yet to master the art of wet shaves, HOWEVER!: For all you ladies out there, don’t feel left out!
Following on from the success of our Hebden bridge Festival, Zeitgeist Hair clients’s knitted bunting…….. THE KNITTED MO! I for one, will certainly be donning mine through Movember!
Finally, after a great deal of debate with friends, family, clients, Heptonstall’s very Intellectual Bookgroup (for ladies of some standing in the community), collegues, facebook, twitter……….I’m so glad I trusted Debbie’s professional opinion and talent! I am now all retro and 70’s and have a lovely zeitgeist take on the Purdey! I love it! Granted, it’s up for debate whether I look like the rather glamorous Joanna Lumley, or in fact Wendy Craig from “Butterflies”, but I’m pretty chuffed with the results! (When my eldest daughter came home from school with little “visitors” in her hair last week, I didn’t spare a thought for poor Aoife. Hell no! It was “NO!!, Not the Purdey!)

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