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As many of you will know the Zeitgeist Hair team travelled to London for ‘Salon International’  to gain new inspirations and ideas, and boy did we get it!
Not only from Salon International but we were able to take a look at the finalists collections in preparation for the ‘Hairdressing awards’.


I particularly liked all the extended fringes that took on a very 80’s feel that I remember from my trainee days in hairdressing. These 80’s styles were very much a reflection of a 1960’s look that was popular with Mary Quant.

Two conflicting styles and techniques appeared on one head.
It at first seemed (from the front) a short, simple haircut, but once the model turned around a whole new haircut would appear, long and vibrant.
Inspired… I went on to cut Isla and Eve’s hair. Both haircuts have a strong sense of the 80’s yet remain geometric and sharp as a classic Vidal Sassoon look.
The men’s looks were particularly striking and featured groomed classic barbering shapes, of short tailored sides with length left throughout the top and ‘statement making’ side partings.

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