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Remember remember the month of Movember

Posted December 10th, 2011 by admin with No Comments

Remember remember the month of Movember? Eee! What fun we had! Who knew facial hair could produce such feelings?! Shame, pride, hilarity, humiliation…..

Our fundraising culminated in a party whereby all participants could compare and contrast. Accomplishments ranged from ginger bumfluff (Richard), dashingly handsome (Mark H) and full on dead rat (Pete)!

Not to feel left out; those of us lacking the relevant hormones donned knitted taches, which as the night (and beverages) progressed, became eyebrows and beards too! Thankyou to all who purchased them. Now it’s a bit nippy out I’m looking forward to seeing them worn around Hebden!

We are yet to tot up the grand total raised but we’ll keep you posted!

So it was farewell Movember and hello December! A very busy time in the salon. However, we all still managed to squeeze in our christmas night out to the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

The memories are a little fuzzy (boy can that Jane Wilson drink!)……..flashing dickey bows, alcohol, christmas crackers, alcohol, an accidental train journey to Burnley, alcohol, secret santa “who would like a cup of tea”?……..eh? (you can guess who that came from!)……..good times!

To end; three thankyous….

Thankyou to the kind chap who went into Oasis to buy painkillers for his hangover and ended up covered in leek and potato soup destined for Zeitgeist.

Thankyou also to the “kind” gentleman i met at the bus stop, after finishing work a couple of weeks ago. In the queue I gestured for him to get on before me. He then looked over his shoulder and said; “had I known you were pregnant I would have let you get on first”. I AM NOT! mortified doesnt sufficiently describe how I felt! The rest of the jouney was spent sticking my stomach out and rubbing it, as I believed that him realising that I wasnt, would cause even more embarassment!

Finally, thankyou our lovely Carla. For coming into work with a tan to match the orange and brown decor! (obviously after a christmas bonus) I havent laughed so much in ages!

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