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The end of March already, and we at Zeitgeist have just celebrated our

1st anniversary!

As a lovely treat, we had a wonderfully relaxing day at the Manchester, Edwardian Radisson Spa! It was FAB!

All except from the dreaded. brightly lit COMMUNAL changing rooms (aaaggghhh)!  My gorgeous, confident exhibitionists…Oops Sorry, I mean COLLEAGUES, couldn’t wait to strip off and parade up and down.

I was in a blind panic! Nowhere to change and hide my lumps and bumps! Do I wrap my towel around myself, secure it in my teeth, and attempt to simultaneously, and probably unsuccessfully, undress and sqeeeeeeeeze myself into my cozi.  This whilst looking sophisticated, as is befitting a lady who frequents these establishments! (Debbie McGee I aint!).  Risky!

No, shower cubicle it was!

A glance in the mirror, and I was transported back a couple of weeks, to another little staff excursion.  This was when we went to see Michele Rashmans’ brilliant exhibition “She calls herself Margaret”…



The rest of the (thankfully dimly lit day) was a really lovely end to a great first year!

My present one morning a week training is going well.  However from the 17th April I will be working 4/5 days a week, hopefully then I can make good progress… and speed up!

My models so far are almost taking root to our posh Belmont chairs!  I’m taking so long!  I can imagine worried families flyposting missing persons posters on the lamp posts of Hebden!  Thanks to all for being so patient!

A great benefit to having passed the blowdrying part of my training, is that we can now offer a Professional blowdry with me for £10!  Either to follow a colour or just as a treat!  I can also now offer luxurious Bumble & Bumble conditioning treatments for £10.  Alternatively, instead of paying £10 for the treatment, you could buy the product I use and take it home to treat yourself again!  Fabulous!

A question to end;  I’m soon to be a full time Apprentice Stylist/Technician.  At the age of 40, am I the oldest Apprentice in town??


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