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April showers bring May flowers?……… It seems not! April showers bring………May showers! And it’s certainly not due to a lack of water that the suicidal hyacinths in our hanging baskets haven’t bloomed!
This week we finally bid farewell to the dead foliage that we have been optimistically hanging out each morning. With the aid of a soup spoon as a trowel and a little trip to Holts for something…….alive! – The hyacinths are now……compost!
Bring on summer! (please!)
We’re all looking forward to getting into our summer clothes. Karen, Kate and myself are NOT looking forward to revealing what’s underneath our winter clothes though!
Consequently, we have now started a Zeitgeist “Fat Club”. Kate has drawn up a weightloss graph to (shamefully) track our progress. Tuesdays are now the days where we come to work in our flimsiest clothes, pockets emptied of spare change………Kate was down to her knickers during this weeks weigh in!
Two weeks in and I have come to the conclusion that I’m not very good at dieting. I think it’s probably not a good indication of huge weightloss when, on reflection, you realise that you haven’t felt hungry AT ALL since the diet began!
Last weekend, having gone out for a snack, I applauded myself for walking past the Caramacs, and buying some “healthy” nuts. Imagine how gutted I was, as when I was smugly shovelling them in on my return to the salon; A client informed me that 10 nuts is the equivelant to a digestive biscuit! I may as well have had a Caramac!
(I’m not one to snitch, but Kate seems to be rebelling against the whole diet concept too. I’m not sure which diet allows you to consume a croissant after breakfast and before lunch, or to nip out and buy a slab of cake the size of Gibralta after lunch!)
I am now working alternate 4/5 days a week. I really feel like I’m getting stuck into my training now. Aside from cutting and styling; I’m also having to learn how to stand properly! It has to be said, my posture has never been brilliant. I think what I need is a cast iron back with a hinge! So focused am I on what my scissors are doing to a particular section of hair, I’m like Mr Magoo, practically sitting on the model! I’m now getting told to “Bend your legs, Straighten your back, Elbow up/down”. It’s like pilates! Maybe I can get away with that Caramac after all!

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