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Autumnal hair

At this time of year our hair needs a little help after the sun, sea & sand of the summer …..who are we kidding! Try just the wind, rain & continuous 85% humidity of the last 6 months! Still, this leaves the majority of us with hair that could do with a little help.

The first place to start has to be getting a really good shape put in your hair. Cutting away the dead ends, you create a shape that is stronger through the ends, looking thicker and healthier . Colour, far from being a cause of those frayed ends, can be used to add depth and warmth to your hair, highlighting the autumnal shades that warm up even the most jaundiced faces.

Most salons offer complementary consultations for both colour and cuts, to ensure you leave feeling 100% confident in your decision. To ensure your locks stay luscious, invest in a monthly intensive treatment. These are tailored to your hair type, so don’t worry that they will be too heavy and weigh your hair down. This ensures moisture, keratin & natural oils are replenished after the continuous assault from Mother Nature and her little helpers ( ie straightening irons, curlers, and heated rollers).

Top tip: Salons will be able to recommend a take-home treatment for you to use once a week to keep up the good work. Think of it as a face mask for your hair .

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