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Naomi Notices, November

Posted November 13th, 2012 by admin with No Comments

The next few weeks at Zeitgeist Hair are busy busy busy!

And not just creating beautiful cuts and colours, in the mad rush to look gorgeous for the party season!

We are presently fully committed to raising as much money as possible for the brilliant MOVEMBER camapaign. Amy has been generously giving up her time, by offering luxurious, traditional wet shaves, in exchange for a donation to MOVEMBER. This continues throughout November. Now, it may be that there are some very charitable men in the Upper Calder Valley, or it may be down to the fact that Amy is rather gorgeous! Nevertheless, it is proving very popular, so if you are interested, you’d best book in soon!

On Saturday 17th November and Saturday 1st December, Alistair Bishop is returning to the salon and he’s going to be instilling a calm and chilled out vibe, by performing Indian Head Massage. For just £10, the session lasts 15 minutes. Even if you don’t fancy it yourself, what a brilliant christmas pressie! Gift vouchers are available.

We’ll have you qeueing down Carlton Street on the 17th and 18th November!  We have many very stylish clients at Zeitgeist Hair. One particular natty dresser is going to be running a “pop up” clothes stall in our Zeitgeist Attic!

Some clothes have previously been worn, others have never been out of the carrier bag, but one thing is for sure; there won’t be an elasticated waistband, a velour jogger or a single pair of beige slacks in sight! I almost don’t want to publicise it!

Imagine an agony aunt and what images come to mind?……. Cuddly, matronly bosom? Watery, twinkly, wise eyes? Comforting helmet perm? Possibly a saggy jowel and a whiff of Ovaltine?

Well Karen is working on those features; but despite these discrepencies, she has still managed to get her hair advice published! Both in the ‘Woman’ section of the Halifax Courier and in an article, ingeniusly titled “Snippits” by Graham West of the brilliant Valley Life magazine!

And talking of the Halifax Courier; This thursday is the Halifax Courier Business Awards, and Zeitgeist Hair have been shortlisted for a New Business award!

We are very excited! It’s black tie, so best behaviour and glad rags on! Karen has had her pink bridesmaids dress cleaned (she assures me it’s not a meringue, but I’m SO hoping it’s a big satin, frilly job with a big old hoop!). I’ve advised Debbie to start working on her facial expressions should she not win…….no puckered up lips, frowns, rolling eyes or expletives. More joy and gracious applause for the winner .

We already feel like winners for making it to the final 3. We’ll keep you posted!

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