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Happy New Year! I know it’s February and not so new, but I for one am still “benefitting” from the extra padding gained from ordering rather too much stilton (and vino/chocolate etc) on the old t’interweb food shop (who’d have thought that 2kg of cheese could look so much larger in the personage!).

We’ve had another really brilliant year at Zeitgeist. We were extremely lucky and pleased to welcome Karen to the salon, almost a year ago now. Then, with the setting up of The Zeitgeist Hair Training School, followed Flora and finally Amanda. Our two very cool and fabulous trainees who have flourished under the tutelage of the Zeitgeist Team.

547131_10151062736025530_2087786025_nThe Zeitgeist Attic proved to be a fantastic “pop up” venue. We had local artists, vintage, preloved and childrens clothes and even furniture. All very successful events and not far to go to spend our wages!



Continuing with our desire to contribute to charities and events both locally and further afield; a considerable amount of money as well as awareness, has been raised for charity. It was elbows at dawn at our Macmillan Coffee Morning. Movember was hugely successful again and in November, local teenager Maddie, had her head shaved for the brilliant “great generation” charity (I bet she’s feeling the cold at the moment!). How brave and completely comendable, well done Maddie!

Following such a testing time in June and July, with the devastating floods; what a triumph the Food Festival and Lantern Festivals were! We were more than happy to be involved in these events and are very proud to be part of such a vibrant Community.

And finally, what better end to the year for us, than to be shortlisted down to 3 at The Halifax Courier Business Awards! We had a really great night out at the posh ceremony! Looking forward to sweeping the board this year!

Lots more going on this year;

Becky will be taking 6 weeks maternity leave in May. Taking her place will be one of the contributors of myhairdressers.com and international colour technician/teacher, Sophie Maccorquodale! Sophie will also be tutoring lucky Amanda and Flora. Look out for requests for models on our Facebook page, or alternatively, call into the salon with your details should you like to be a model for the girls. All cuts and colours are closely supervised and it is an absolute rule that NOBODY leaves the salon, unless they look AMAZING!

Following on from the success of our last coffee morning, look out for details of the next one. Any excuse to eat cake and natter eh!

We shall also be raffling off a cut and colour in the coming weeks. This is to raise funds for Becky’s 2 year old cousin Cara.

Cara was born prematurely, weighing just 2lb 8oz. Sadly, 3 days after her birth Cara suffered a severe brain bleed and was eventually diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. As a result of the bleed, Cara’s mobility has been affected to the extent that she will not be able to walk or even sit with her legs out straight. In every other way though, she is developing extremely well and is an intelligent, social and happy little girl.

Cara has been assessed and accepted as suitable for SDR surgery in the USA. As a result of this surgery, Cara would hopefully be able to have a pain free, independent life and would be able to join in with activities with other children.

Unfortunately, the surgery and after care has a price tag of £50,000 eek!… Please support us in our fundraising; details to follow.

You also need to look out for out Valentines Day offer, featured in the Valley Life brochure as well as our Mothers Day offer.

As well as these events, we are also really chuffed to be collaborating with Chrissy King from Hat Therapy,

Chrissy has been invited to EWE (Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza) in Birmingham.

EWE is a wedding fair…but not the usual cringefest full of strapless meringues and generic tat. Oh no! By all accounts this fair is far more thought provoking and alternative, and is geared towards couples wanting something more alternaive and imaginative. Check out Chrissy’s brilliant blog at www.the little hatshop.blogspot.co.uk, it sounds amazing!

And where do we fit in? Well Debbie and the girls will be perfecting beautifully coiffured bonces to show off Chrissy’s creations. They will then be captured in a photoshoot, and in turn the pictures will be exhibited at Chrissy’s stand at the event. How cool is that?!

Now finally, I may not actually work “on the shop floor” any more, but most events do not escape my attention. When I was working on reception (just holding fort for “Queen of standards”, Kate), I could never work out why she had so many pairs of specs dotted around. I think I’ve worked it out…

There’s a pair for using the computer

(I NOW think she also needed a pair to FIND the computer)

A pair for her insistence on matching correct teacups to saucers

(I NOW think she also needed a pair to FIND the teacups and saucers)

A pair to find the florists…to put the flowers in a vase…to water the flowers….for a number of DAYS…

I’m thinking Kate also needs a pair to FIND THE OPTICIANS.

Maybe then, she wouldn’t have been watering PLASTIC FLOWERS!!!

#just saying

Below we have a few pictures from our blogs in 2012




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