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Salon News

As Becky will be going on maternity leave in May, to take her place will be one of the country’s leading hair colourists! sophie coloursophie colour 3
Sophie Macquordale is an internationally renowned colour technician and tutor. Her work has featured in many high profile glossy campaigns, she’s also a contributor to http://myhairdressers.com/team/sophie-dale.html. As well as this, Sophie is also an award winning film maker. She started working at Vidal Sassoon within a month of Debbie starting and they have been very close friends since. Therefore, they’re both really looking forward to working closely together again.sophie colour6 Now. Sophie. Although discreet and professional, she will have tons of very glamorous, arty, show biz stories to tell, (always a bonus when nipping in to Hebden to get your roots done……) What I’M more interested in hearing about though, is those early 90’s/Hacienda years in Manchester with Debbie. The trip to India they shared….. I’m relying on you all to be inquisitive! Whilst Sophie is working with us, Debbie will be working along side her on a Friday (between school hours). If you fancy getting both sides of the gossip, then book online or give us a call.

It’s been a very long and pretty, grey and cold winter hasn’t it? We’ve all been hibernating for just too long, dreaming of spring and staring out at Narnia whilst the central heating has given us that delightful “corned beef” pallor…..Well, at last! it seems that we have turned a corner, spring has finally sprung!
And if spring alone isn’t enough to entice you into binning your onesie’s and ripping out that slightly hairy bobble; then take a look at the fabulous vintage inspired photoshoot that took place last month.TOA_7024 copy
These gorgeous vintage inspired pictures are a result of a very successful collaboration, between a group of local, gifted artists, supporting each other and show casing their talents. Utterly beautiful shots depicting the style and beauty of bygone times, but with modern overtones.
(When I say “vintage inspired”, I mean PRE ’80’s…..I shudder when I see rails in Vintage Shops, heaving with day-glo, batwing jumpers with shoulder pads! I’m all for a bit of nostalgia, but refuse to be considered as “vintage” just yet *typed whilst idly massaging my jowls backwards and UP*).
The “gifted artists” to be credited are as follows;Our very own Debbie, who, for a change, could enjoy simply creating 2 beautiful do’s instead of multitasking as shoot co-ordinator too,
Chrissy from Hat Therapy, for her bespoke millinery http://www.thelittlehatshop.blogspot.co.uk
Lucie John, who produces exquisite jewellery http://www.rachellucie.co.uk
Alison Clegg, make up artist (I’m pretty sure she didn’t have to contend with any corned beef skin as the models are beautiful, but all the same, she did a fabulous job) http://www.alisonmakeupartist.co.uk TOA_7165
Shelley from Toast of Leeds http://toastofleeds.com/2013/03/vintage-town-hall-wedding-creative-wedding-photographer/ captured the brilliant shots, and LibertyFreedom provided the gorgeous tweed.
The glamorous models were Kim Taylor and Danielle O’ Shea.
Danielle wrote of her experience in her lovely blog http://thehebdenmama.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/i-definitely-would-get-out-of-bed-for-less-than-10000/, the ethos of which pretty much sums up the whole successful project; professional women, juggling work, school hours/child care etc and, ultimately, producing an inspiring visual treat!
It seems it’s all going on in Hebden!
Since I left, some might say “civilisation” to live in a sleepy North Norfolk village (1 bus a week…..& it doesn’t bring you back! And you TOA_7137-Edit should see me Lily Savage roots…….); Hebden Bridge has not only been location to the above glamorous photoshoot, it’s also been voted by The Times; “Coolest Place To Live In Britain”!
And more excitement!….

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