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Posted August 13th, 2015 by admin

The Seven Deadly Sins, those rules used in early Christian times to educate and instruct us mere mortals with a tendency to sin…

Well forgive me everyone for I have sinned. ‘Tis 2 years since my last blog for Zeitgeist Hair

I’ve been tucked away in deepest, rural North Norfolk, sandwiched ‘twixt sea, pine woods and bootiful farmland!

Meanwhile (apparently) life goes on in the metropolis of Hebden and beyond!

Whilst my current fashion ponders consist mainly of wellies, versus flip flop; Over at Zeitgeist Hair the talented team have completely been living up to their namesake.

When thinking of putting together a 2015 collection, Debbie made the decision to use the ruined church at Heptonstall as a location for the photo shoot. Consequently, following team meetings and collaborating with photographer Sarah Mason, the ingenious idea was made to base the theme around The Seven Deadly Sins. Further inspiration was then obtained through studying clips of fashion photographers, Nick Knight and Tim Walker.

The brief was surreal but innocent, ghostlike, haunting and ethereal. In this case, what better location than up that vertical cobbled road to my old stomping ground of Heptonstall!Zeitgeist-95-(gluttony)sm

A graveyard within a ruined church, up in the clouds on a freezing cold spring morning. Perfect! (Says no model ever!)

Zeitgeist-110-(Lust)smGoosebumps, knocking knees, Smokey breath and chattering teeth, ah the glamour! And on top of that, always a risk of the reverend walking past just as you’re giving it the old “look at me ‘air do and don’t look I look proper sinful in me under crackers?!”

“More tea vicar”?!

The outfits for the shoot: Another Zeitgeist team effort;

unnamed-6It all started with a pinterest board of shared ideas, but this was just the catalyst as everybody’s ideas evolved and transpired into something absolutely, visually stunning and arresting.

Picture the scene; the salon floor awash with clothes, material, swag and frippery. All donated by staff, models, clients and friends. (And all very “Annual Village Hall Jumble Sale”. Elbows at dawn and a rugby scrum dash for the decent cast offs!)

Amongst the donations was Debbie’s wedding dress! Absolutely gorgeous and previously sported stood next to Elvis Presley in a chapel in Las Vegas. Who would have thought that it would later make an appearance at the church in her very own village!

unnamed-5Gradually, all of this was whittled down to the chosen looks. An old bum bag, a feather boa, a few safety pins, an old umbrella, a red burlesque underskirt… all used in the final wonderful costumes.

More attention to detail came from the stunning body art, designed in conjunction with Claire Lupino and inspired by Dior. Also the beautiful jewellery by Rachel Lucie and Claire, accessories by Chrissie King and make up by Alison Willcox.

Zeitgeist-07-(greed)smThere were in fact 8 gorgeous models and so a bit of artistic licence was employed and 8 deadly sins used. The variation to the original sins incorporating the sin of “vanity”.

And the bit I found most amusing…. The sin was matched to the model! A fair bit of tact must have been employed there!

“Yeah love, like, you look like you REALLY enjoy putting away a fair few Waites’s potato slices. Yeah, smashing. So. You’re going to be “gluttony”. Ok?”

“So. Yes. You look like you spend a lot of time sat on the sofa watching Tele. You can be sloth!”

“You’ve got a look that could curdle milk love! You can be “wrath””

I don’t even know how they broached lust!

“Obviously I’m joking. Nobody could ever accuse any of the models of being anything but gorgeous and perfect. (I’m not at all envious!) If ever there was an example of irony; then look no further than applying each “sin” to those 8 lovelies”

Zeitgeist-71-(Envy)smAs for the hairstyles; wow! I don’t think anybody could fail to be amazed and overawed by the beautiful photos. Each and every one of them a work of art. No wonder Karen “can’t wait to get the collection out to Hebden and beyond”. So inspiring! And such a magnificent team effort from the aforementioned contributors, and then captured by photographers Sarah and Justin. Amanda had provided a fabulous buffet and Karen tells me “Kaye had hired a cottage so we hung out there until it was our turn to shoot the models….not with a rifle lol”!

unnamed-2Kaye told me “everyone’s work was really strong and I felt really privileged to be working alongside such talented individuals”. And I don’t blame her either! I know “pride” is a sin, but by gum! You wouldn’t  be human if you didn’t take pride in such an achievement.

Life in the salon goes on and I’ve got 2 new products to tell you about…

unnamed-3The first product is something that I have been using for a few years now. It’s a Vess brush.

Now, since living in the sticks  and not having the advantage of having the Zeitgeist team at hand to keep me coiffured, I have to admit, my hair has suffered a bit of neglect. My two styles tend to be a. Tuck it behind my ears. Or, b. Stick it in a bobble.

However, I do still use my ceramic Vess brush and can’t see myself using anything else.

The scientific blurb is all very technical and convincing. But speaking from personal experience, I can definitely vouch for the fact that it doesn’t scrape your scalp or pull your hair and it leaves (even my) hair much sleeker than a regular brush.

Zeitgeist now stock the Vess brush and it really is a great investment at £18.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a “Beach Belle” by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m getting a bit braver and a little less modest when it comes to visiting the beaches here in Norfolk. A quick, furtive glance over each shoulder and then the towel is down and I’m doing the sideways shuffle to the sea, praying that nobody is interested in my wobbly bits. No time for testing the temperature with a big toe, crikey no! I’m straight in there up to my neck!

My point being….I have a pretty good idea of what dried in sea salt can do to one’s hair and on me, it ‘aint pretty! Hair like a brillo pad!

Thank goodness then for Bumble and Bumble! Not only have they the brilliant Surf Spray, but now… Don’t Blow It!

This product sounds fab! It’s for anybody who likes air dried hair and who also want to enhance texture whilst adding conditioners and protection from UVA and UVB. Sounds Almost too good to be true! I shall definitely be giving that a sample!







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