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Posted February 19th, 2016 by admin

A couple of months have passed since our previous newsletter and what a difficult time it has been for Hebden Bridge
The Boxing Day floods have obviously been a major, heart breaking event to live through. The sense of loss and despair has been palpable far and wide.
What has also been portrayed though, is the strength of spirit and absolute defiance, of a community refusing to be beaten. With every tear of sadness shed, it appears that there are also measures of hope and joy. Sandbags filled with, and representing true northern grit. With mops and buckets, not only cleansing but also signifying new beginnings.
Here at Zeitgeist Hair, we escaped comparatively unscathed at the salon. But our empathy and support remains for all those who continue to rebuild lives, homes and businesses.
12724860_1564470063842975_1451005203_nA good friend of ours, who was particularly affected and who has collaborated with us before on various projects, is Chrissie from “Hat Therapy” on Market Street.
Whilst work is being carried out to refurbish her shop, it will be our pleasure, and shall also be the pleasure of our clients and any passers by, to be able view a display of Chrissie’s beautiful millinery in our shop window!
Not that we are advocating the need to cover up and hide your new barnets with one of Chrissie’s hats! But what a pleasure to be able to enjoy the display and what a lovely temptation for that extra treat!


unnamed-2unnamed-1Unknown-1Our last newsletter described the teams’ December photoshoot which was inspired by their trip to London and the Sassoon, Mahogany and Noise shows. Here are some further photos from the shoot, photographed by the talented Justin Garner and showcasing the exceptional talent at Zeitgeist Hair.
Speaking of exceptional talent, our fantastic trainee, Isabelle, continues to progress and shine. A well as colouring and cutting, she is now performing children’s cuts and is proving very popular.
No more basins on heads in kitchens. No more wonky fringes and home made cuts that look like they’ve been done with a knife and fork!
Proper barber’s chairs, an Ipad for distraction, scissors that aren’t the nearest to hand as your unsuspecting child walks past (pinking shears, nail scissors, blunt craft scissors). I may possibly be speaking from experience!
Isabelle has a lovely rapport with children and ensures that there are smiles all round at the end of the appointment.
Something exciting to look forward to in April, will be the new and improved (yes EVEN better) Bumble and Bumble Curl Concious range. If you’ve never enjoyed Bumble’s curl range before, then say goodbye to hair like an over brushed Barbie dolls’! If you are already a fan, then it must be difficult to imagine improving such a fantastic product! Watch this space!
Just enough space here to let you know that soon there will not be enough space for Karen to fit behind the chair and reach her clients! She shall be starting her maternity leave in May. Should you like to get in a cut and finish prior to her break, then please don’t hesitate to book an appointment.
A quick mention that over Easter the salon shall be open throughout!
And finally…… Can you believe it…..? In March, the salon will be celebrating being open for 5 years! Where did that time go?!
Such a success story for Hebden Bridge. Hundreds of happy clients, hundreds of fabulous hair do’s, Here’s to hundreds more!

https://www.zeitgeisthair.com/2011/04/1356/ from one of our 1st blogs

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