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A Fond Farewell

Posted June 9th, 2016 by admin

Zeitgeist_014After 5 (long!) years, Zeitgeist Hair has bid a fond, but sad farewell to a huge character and great friend.
Some may say that being front of house and always looking extremely stylish, both with her dress sense, as well as her cut and colour, that possibly she is one of THE faces of Zeitgeist Hair
Ladies and gentlemen. Kate, formerly known as Kath (and quoted as “Our Kathleen sweeps up ‘air in an ‘airdressers”)…..has left the building.
Kate has taken the plunge and, in between sipping gin and tonic next to the Leeds, Liverpool canal, she is taking advantage of her huge talent, by beginning her own jewellery making business.
Kate is going to be hugely missed by staff and clients alike. She did so much more than just “sweep up ‘air”.
Kate held court on the salon floor with her dry and quirky wit. Her ability to regale clients and staff with tales, observations and views, ensured that there was never a dull moment.
Fair do’s; she’s been known to make a client a brew then sup it herself.
She’s bought flowers for the salon and cursed and cussed when she couldn’t trim the ends; only to discover that they were plastic.
She took no prisoners when laying down the rules to all present, that NOBODY is to consume chocolate as she is watching her weight. Only to scurry off to the shop like a woman possessed by 10 am to get her fix.
And who can forget the time she attended the staff Christmas Afternoon Tea the day before having surgery and under strict instruction NOT to drink alcohol. That wasn’t to stop our party animal! Oh no! And neither did it prevent the medical staff’s anxiety and subsequent grey hairs, or maybe she was just rustling up business?!
And so, with a cheeky smile and a flash of that gold tooth, a click of a well donned heel, a swoosh of leopard print and a whiff of rooibos tea, off she goes.
Good luck Kate!
It’s been emotional.

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