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Posted February 1st, 2018 by admin

Well I think we can certainly say 2017 has been quite a year around the world and I have realised that you can always expect the unexpected!  Hopefully at Zeitgeist, we have managed to maintain some stability in your life; by always guaranteeing a fabulous haircut or colour, interesting chat and a lovely cuppa served in bone china! Here is a round-up of Zeitgeist’s year:

In March, after 11 years at being a home with my children, I dipped my toes into the world of work and started working 2 hours a week at Zeitgeist. My Mum was particularly impressed when I explained all bookings were made on a computer, not in a big book with a rubber and pencil and the first drink I made for a client was an organic white tea. From then on, I think she understood what a sophisticated operation we are and what sophisticated clientele we have. To be honest I had never made an organic white tea before, so hopefully she didn’t notice what a slightly unsophisticated daughter she had!

In April, Jane increased the services she could provide clients by starting to offer the Nanokeratin system. The Nanokeratin system is a hair smoothing treatment, that leaves thick, coarse and generally unmanageable hair feeling sleek and smooth and reduces the time you need to dry and style your hair. For more information on this service, please call us on 01422 844974.

In May, we were lucky to have the very talented Justin Garner exhibit his wildlife and landscape photography with us. His exquisite work focusing on the natural world recently received international acclaim when he was shortlisted for Outdoor Photographer of the year, after winning his category overall. To see more of Justin’s work, take a look here http://jags-photography.co.uk/

In June, as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, many businesses around the town displayed floral displays in wellington boots and with help from https://www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk/members/kingfisher-flowers ,we were able to create a beautiful window display.  This kicked of the very popular Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, with lots of excellent events around the town http://hebdenbridgeartsfestival.co.uk/

In August, Meredith got very creative and used our fabulous Bumble and bumble products to create a rainbow coloured window display, to show our support for the Happy Valley Pride Festival in Hebden Bridge. We also launched the chance to win a free cut and finish if you left a review of the salon. Thanks to all who did so; they were such a pleasure to read and we were pleased to tell our client Marion that she had won.

September brought with it a big change for Zeitgeist hair; Meredith left to pursue a new career at True North productions in Manchester and Leeds. Meredith was a brilliant addition here at Zeitgeist and although we were sad to see her go, we were all pleased she had been offered this amazing opportunity. We still all meet up with Meredith on nights out and she is truly loving her new role. As a result, I increased my hours and we welcomed the very lovely Beth to the role of receptionist. Beth had been a stay at home Mum so she jumped with both feet back into the world of work!

October’s highlight in Hebden Bridge was the ‘Great Pumpkin Festival’. Sam and I were lucky enough to take part in Sand in your Eye’s pumpkin carving workshop http://www.sandinyoureye.co.uk/ and then created our own pumpkin themed window. Sam did an incredible job designing the window and producing the most amazing pumpkin with beautiful haircuts carved onto it; what a talent! We also got into the spirit of all things pumpkin at the salon by offering £5 off haircuts if you showed us a selfie with your carved pumpkin and I made some pumpkin cake for you to have with your cuppa. Here’s hoping it happens again next year, it was such a fabulous event.

November was a very significant month for Debbie as she wasn’t in the Salon, but in Pune, India. She had been planning the trip for well over a year and it certainly lived up to her expectations. She was particularly moved by her trip to the Aga Khan Palace which had been was built as an act of charity by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III to help the poor of Pune who were drastically hit by famine and had also served as a prison for Mahatma Ghandi, his wife and Secretaries. As we all know, Debbie is an extremely talented hairdresser, but as I am sure most of you all know she is also extremely talented at yoga; just look at that back bend!

It was also at the end of this month that Kellie started her maternity leave; her baby is due any day now.

As we approached our busiest month of the year, we welcomed Debbie back at the start of December. She joined us on our Christmas do, having only arrived back in the country that morning from India; what a trooper! We had a delicious meal at Ricci’s tapas in Dean Clough in Halifax, if you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend it http://riccistapasandcicchetti.co.uk/ . December also hailed the start of the Festive Fandango; remember to hand in your completed postcard to the Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre by the 31st December to have a chance of winning, The hamper you will win includes a voucher for a free cut and finish by our very own Mel  https://en-gb.facebook.com/festivefandango/

In product news Debbie has found herself regularly using a relatively new product from Bumble and bumble; sumo clay and would definitely recommend it to clients. Sumo clay is a matte lightweight clay, which gives hair texture and workable hold for bulked up broken in looks. It is best used on fine to medium hair.

In Salon News, Mel and Kaye will be adding extra days to their usual ones; Mel will be working alternate Thursdays from February and Kaye will be working one Friday a month from January. Amy’s last day in the salon before she starts maternity leave will be the 21stJanuary and she returns again in May.



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