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Some Important News About Debbie

Posted September 7th, 2018 by admin

This week I found out unexpectedly that I need to have an operation to remove a growth. My operation will take place on the 10th of September, which means that I will be unable to work at Zeitgeist in the immediate future as I need to take some time to make a full recovery, I will be back at Zeitgeist in January 2019.

I consider myself to be very lucky to work with a dedicated and very talented team and to ensure that you continue to have fabulous haircuts, they will be working to cover the majority of days that I am unable to work. I am also pleased to announce that a very good friend of mine, Chris Burton, will be coming to work at Zeitgeist so that from November 16th he will look after my clients and make sure everyone looks amazing for Christmas.  Myself and Jane have known Chris for 25 years and both worked with him at Vidal Sassoon in Manchester. Chris moves between the UK, Australia and Bogota and has had successful salons in the UK and Australia. He also works in the industry as an educator www.chrisburtonhair.com. He is really looking forward to meeting and looking after my clients and spending Christmas in Hebden Bridge! So, in the coming weeks, Beth and Anne will be calling you to rearrange your hair appointments with other members of the Zeitgeist team, hopefully on the date you have booked already and from November 16th with Chris. We would really appreciate it if you can wait for them to contact you.

I am already looking forward to our Christmas do and am planning an adventurous trip for Zeitgeist’s 8th birthday in March. I am sure my love of yoga and my sheer determination will ensure I make the best recovery and no doubt I will be working on new skills whilst I recuperate. If anyone can recommend any good books or podcasts let me know!

Please be assured that the rest of the team will continue to make sure that your experience at Zeitgeist is as brilliant as ever. We know you will be understanding in this matter and really appreciate and thank you for it.

Debbie x

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