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Posted June 10th, 2020 by admin

Knowing we’re going to see you soon!

Hello again, typical Hebden weather at the moment, but not for long as we are due to see those blue skies very soon; hurrah for lovely walks, hurrah for letting the kids playing out, hurrah for drying washing on the line (ooh I’m showing my age!).

In the last blog, we mentioned the ways in which we are adapting in the salon to our current situation and we hope you felt reassured by these. Our online booking system is up and running and you can make bookings from the 4th July.  We are starting to see some full appointment columns; so thank you for supporting us, we really, really appreciate it. We are aware that people will be very keen to have their hair cut and coloured, so our stylists and colourists are all ready to meet your needs and we will be open seven days a week. Jules will be working more Sundays than she normally does, Amy is working alternate Friday or Saturdays and the week she works on a Friday she will also work on a Wednesday.  Chris will be back for a longer period than normal and will be working on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday throughout July and August. Obviously we are really glad that he is with us as he is such a great presence in the salon but I imagine Oasis will also be pleased as they have no doubt noticed a drop in their quorn sausage sales whilst he has been away!

As a child of the seventies, I think I have developed a particular attitude to illness, encouraged by society at that time and the idea of  ‘a strong work ethic.’   If in the past I had a cold or a cough or wasn’t feeling 100% well,  I would always turn up for work; in fact unless one of my limbs were dropping off I would probably make sure I was in the salon (brings to mind Monty Python and the knight!). I know that because of the situation we are in now, this attitude is no longer one to be applauded and if myself or any members of my team feel ill in any way, we will not come into the salon and will re-arrange your appointment. This will obviously be done to protect ourselves and all our clients. We also ask you to respect this and do the same, so if you feeling at all unwell, please cancel your appointment with us and we will re-book it for you as soon as we can.

For those who fancy a simple (but impressive) culinary endeavour, why not have a go at lemon curd? All you need is sugar, eggs and lemons and it’s great in cakes, on pancakes and in yoghurt  https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/lemon-curd or as a ‘cheer you up gift’ for someone (possibly Chris, if Oasis have run out of quorn sausages!).

We cannot wait to see you on the 4th of July and beyond!

Debbie and the Zeitgeist Team

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