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Flaming June

Posted June 10th, 2021 by admin

Well, we have definitely started with ‘flaming June,’ hasn’t it been just glorious! It has been lovely in the salon as we are now able to bring back magazines for you to read and offer drinks for colour clients to enjoy. I particularly like ‘The Simple Things’ magazine and I have been pretending that I live that life this week by planting my sweet peas, bringing in flowers from the garden (mainly buttercups!) and possibly a step too far, trying to make yoghurt! When I am not doing such activities, I (and the amazing Beth) love coming to work and seeing all you fabulous people, who definitely make the job of receptionist a total pleasure. 

Most of you will be aware now that we have welcomed the brilliant Simone to the Zeitgeist team. For those who would like to know more about the colour product she uses and to learn a little bit more about our very own German style icon, here is a very- informative piece from her:

‘I have been a very happy member of the Zeitgeist Team for a couple of months now (lockdown aside) and I’m truly grateful for the warm welcome and trust I’ve been given by you, our lovely clients -thank you so much for that!

As a truly self-employed stylist and colourist I get to choose which hair colourants I prefer to work with and in my case that’s Schwarzkopf Professional (short SKP), a German brand I have learned to colour with and love for almost all of my 10+ years of being a hairdresser.

For me personally -and this I say, because that’s what it essentially comes down to: personal preference!- SKP not only is the brand which I know and trust best, it also is a highly innovative and inspiring brand that keeps improving their products further and making my life as a colourist easier!

In a nutshell; their stunning range of shades in a variety of (dye) strengths, endless mixing options, the fact that all of their blonde range features an in-built bond technology (so I know I am not compromising a client’s hair’s integrity), AND last, but not -at all!- least, they have just introduced their new recycled, re-recyclable and thus sustainable packaging are the reasons why I just love SKP!

Those of you whom I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting might already know I’m not a big talker whilst doing “my thing” -I’m just not that typical hairdresser. Hence, it will probably take a little longer until you get to know me better.. so to help this, I’m letting you in on a few little facts about me:

This is my 8th year living on the Island. I need to go home to Germany regularly to beat the homesickness but still love it here!

I love Basset hounds but don’t have -a real- one yet and my best friend here is actually a cat!

My (other) passion is sewing, which has been born out of sheer necessity -at 6’1” I simply cannot just go and buy clothes that fit, boo!

I have real sweet tooth and not having some sort of chocolate stash in my “tool box” at all times makes me nervous.

I’m a book worm. I’m always currently reading one or more books and they’re never digital as I love to physically hold them in my hands.

Salon News

In salon news after no changes for a few years, we will be introducing a slight price increase in the near future. As you will be aware costs rise and it becomes necessary that these need to be reflected in our prices. 

Baking News

In baking news, I have had a brief soiree into cheesecake making, which is actually a lot easier than I thought it might be. So why not have a go at these two? The lemon cheesecake is very simple and quick and the white chocolate and raspberry although a little more time consuming is definitely worth the extra effort. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/lemon-cheesecakehttps://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/white_chocolate_and_48500

Product News

In product news, Bumble and bumble have added to their bond building range with a shampoo and conditioner. The Bond Building Repair Shampoo is powered by their honey bond-building complex which help renew and restore hair from the inside out. It works to build new bonds for stronger feeling hair, improving elasticity, and helping restore damaged hair. It smooths the hair cuticle, adds shine, and helps fortify weakened strands. It is also colour-safe and free of sulphate cleansers. The Bond Building Repair Conditioner works to build new bonds for hair that feel stronger and protects against future damage. This daily conditioner also instantly detangles, reduces frizz, and smooths the cuticle for softness and shine and is colour-safe.

Thank you all once again for supporting Zeitgeist, we all really appreciate it and love making you feel fabulous!

That’s all for now.

Anne – Reception

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